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Agusa - Noir (2024) CD-Rip

Agusa - Noir (2024) CD-Rip


New Agusa music, this time for the film ''Malmö Noir", directed by Augustin Sjöberg. Our guitar player Mikael works as a mailman and one day he happened to be talking to a fellow worker who, as it turned out, was making his own movie and he needed some original music for the score. This was during the pandemic and nothing much was happening for the band. We flowed with the idea. Tim couldn’t make it that particular night when we recorded the foundations, but the session resulted in a lot of ideas. It became a very different project for us, both the process of making it, building it slow, exploring new soundscapes. Based on some of these ideas we created “Uppenbarelser” on our album “En annan värld” (2021), with Tim on drums, but the movie score session still didn’t have any drums. Later when Tim left the band, the project went into hibernation for a while, but somehow we couldn’t really leave the melodies and atmosphere we once recorded. It was not until 2023 that Nicolás added drums to the project, which gave it a lot more energy and finally made it a whole. One special night, working on the soundtrack, we went out and ended up at the portal that we came to use as an album cover. During the making of this album it was hard years for the world, with lockdowns and wars, but Agusa as a band also went through dark times. Storms, but also contrasts of breathtaking dawns and hope. We hope that you hear it in this music - our darkness and our light.

Track List:

01. Tunnelseende [2:37]
02. Skottet I Parken [3:24]
03. Ljusglimtar [2:03]
04. Den Försvunne Brevbäraren [4:33]
05. Skansk Rapsodi Nr:1 [1:48]
06. Vind För Vag [3:18]
07. Svart Pa Vitt [2:21]
08. Stad I Mörker [4:48]
09. Emporia [4:42]
10. Pusselbitar [3:20]
11. Kalkbrottets Hemlighet [3:22]
12. Bön För Öresund [4:48]
13. Upp I Rök [0:57]
14. Skansk Rapsodi Nr:2 [1:14]
15. Stad I Mörker (Repris) [4:56]
16. F.G.B. [5:10]
17. 7:an Mot Ön [2:41]
18. Omvändelsen [3:05]
19. Frihamnen [1:24]
20. Sista Vanföreställningen [1:22]




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