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Omar Sosa - Dame Un Tiempo (Live, Bremen, 2000) (2024)

Omar Sosa - Dame Un Tiempo (Live, Bremen, 2000) (2024)



1. Omar Sosa - Eleggua / Dame Un Tiempo - Pt. 1 (Live, Bremen, 2000)
2. Omar Sosa - Eleggua / Dame Un Tiempo - Pt. 2 (Live, Bremen, 2000)
3. Omar Sosa - Mis Tres Notas (Live, Bremen, 2000)
4. Omar Sosa - Remember Monk (Live, Bremen, 2000)
5. Omar Sosa - Un Dia Después (Live, Bremen, 2000)
6. Omar Sosa - Gracias Señor / Blanco En Africa - Pt. 1 (Live, Bremen, 2000)
7. Omar Sosa - Gracias Señor / Blanco En Africa - Pt. 2 (Live, Bremen, 2000)

On 31 October 2000, Cuban jazz pianist Omar Sosa gave an extraordinary concert at Bremen's Schlachthof with a magnificent band, including US rapper and hip-hopper Sub-Z. Sosa's musical work covers an enormous range. Of course, his music is characterised by his musical roots and his Cuban origins, but the basis is formed by Latin jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms as well as traditional North African music, which he likes to combine with elements of merengue, salsa, soul, funk, classical music and even hip hop. In other words: Omar Sosa is always exciting, especially live. This was also ensured by the superb backing band that accompanied Omar alongside Sub-Z at this concert from the Bremen Schlachthof: saxophonist Sheldon Brown, bassist Geoff Brennan, percussionist Gustavo Ovalles and drummer Elliott Kavee. Omar has fond memories of the Schlachthof concert: I must confess that upon listening to this recording, so many beautiful memories came flooding back. Memories of a moment in which each of the musicians in the group defended jazz as a philosophy of freedom. We really had a great time!!!

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